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Wednesday, December 7, 2016





The Dog in the Road 



These people pouring out into the roadways in urban America protesting the election of Donald Trump are risking their lives, and that of the motorists they seek to block. They don't seem to care one bit. 


And they are breaking my heart, over and over and over again. 


How can they purposely risk killing both themselves and the strangers hurtling toward them unaware? Are their hearts so cold and hard that they don't even value life itself? 


Here's why it's especially upsetting to me: 


When I was about 10, my mom and I were driving during rush hour on one of the busiest streets in Omaha. There were three lanes of traffic going both ways, about 45 mph. We were in the middle lane. 


All of a sudden, from the right, we saw a brown dog dart into the cars from the side of the road. He ran right into the traffic, a few cars ahead of us. 


Before we could even gasp, the dog ran right in front of our car - right in front of me on the passenger side. Though my mom jerked the wheel the other way to try to avoid hitting the dog, we felt that sickening thump as our tires ran over him. 


Mom screeched to a stop. By some miracle, we were not rear-ended. We knew the dog was dead. 


My mom buried her head in her hands, sobbing, and wailing, "Oh, what if that had been a child? What if that had been a CHILD?!?" 


I was crying and shaking. I wanted to throw up. I had never been around death before. 


A couple of other motorists came to help. We happened to have a throw rug in the back seat. We placed the dog on it and rushed to the nearest veterinarian's office. There was blood. It was awful. 


No collar, no tags. Very skinny. Mange. Dead. Nothing could be done.  


Ironically, the vet didn't want us to leave until we had paid to have the dog's body disposed of properly. In honor of our own very beloved and never-roaming Sealyham Terrier at home, we paid it. When we got home, I think I hugged her for four hours. 


That was more than 50 years ago. The memory still haunts me and makes me lower my head in sorrow. 


So now, when I see TV reports of those protestors out there, with less regard for other people's lives than any of us would have for a dog in the road, it does the same thing. 


Calling out to Man's Other Best Friend - the One Who is in heaven - to warm up the love in this country once again. Less bite, more wag, in Jesus' Name!  



And because iniquity shall abound, 

The love of many shall wax cold. 

-- Matthew 24:12  


By Susan Darst Williams www.RadiantBeams.org Animals & Pets 2016 


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